Amount Of Chocolate Use For Each Mold

by Diane
(Willow Grove, PA)

Here's a tip on how to remember the amount of chocolate used for each mold.

Here is something I learned from the many years of molding chocolates. In the corner of your mold, in permanent marker, write the amount of lollipops, pretzels, etc. that you were able to mold to 1 lb of chocolate.

This way the next time you are going to use that mold all you have to do is look in the corner and figure it out from there.

It's a life saver.

Hi Diane,

Thanks so much for sharing such a great tip. We often get requests from people wanting to know how much chocolate they'll need to make a particular number of chocolate treats.

It's a lot easier to figure out the molded candy based on the size of the mold, but this is particularly a good idea for those who have their molds already and are using them.

Someone was just asking yesterday about how much chocolate they would need to make 200 chocolate covered pretzel rods.

That one isn't as easy to determine because of the variables, but I'm hoping that once she does some testing and makes her chocolate pretzels that she'll come back and add her own "voice of experience" so that others will have a decent "guesstimate" for their future projects.

I'm going to have to start putting this tip into action myself and writing down (either on the mold for molded candies or in my cookbook for other treats) the results so I'll have them at my fingertips when needed. My memory definitely isn't what it used to be!

Thanks again for sharing some of your candy making wisdom. We always love hearing from you!


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