Almond Bark Has Waxy Flavor

by Jamie

My almond bark has waxy flavor. Why?

I was making cake balls last night as I always do and this time the almond bark tasted more waxy than most times once it set up.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!

Hi Jamie,

Some people do find that almond bark can taste a bit waxy because they are expecting it to taste like fine chocolate. The vanilla or white almond bark seems to get less complaints than the chocolate almond bark.

It doesn't sound like false expetations is the case in your situation. You mentioned that you make these cake balls dipped in almond bark on a regular basis so you are prepared for the taste difference.

What I'm wondering is whether or not you are using the same almond bark that you have always used in the past. If you've changed brands it may be just as simple as the that. :)

If you can rule out a change in brands, my next thought is did you happen to make the coating a bit thicker on these than usual? If the almond bark was thicker it might have resulted in that waxy taste you are experiencing.

This is simply remedied by thinning out your almond bark with a bit of shortening when melting it down for dipping. Just add about a tablespoon per pound of almond bark.

Does anyone else who uses almond bark regularly have any tips for Jamie on how to avoid that waxy taste that is sometimes associated with almond bark?


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Aug 24, 2011
Paramount Crystals
by: Angie

Hi Darla,

Good points! Paramount crystals are definitely preferable for thinning the chocolate but I've often used Crisco shortening and had good success.

If you can't find the paramount crystals in your area, they have them at Candyland Crafts for just a few dollars.

Thanks for sharing all your great tips, Darla.


Aug 23, 2011
Almond Bark
by: Darla

Almond bark can have a waxy taste when you thin it down with vegetable oil. I use paramount crystals, which are vegetable fat crystals. When thinning down real chocolate, use cocoa butter. Also, how are you storing your chocolate? Chocolate should be kept cool around 70 degrees, also store chocolate in an odor free area. Chocolate will absorb all kinds of odors,also keep chocolate away from moisture, never refrigerate chocolate. Hope this might help with the waxy flavor that you are tasting. Happy Candy Making !!!!

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