Adding Ebay To Your Site

by Sean
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Hello Angie,

My name is Sean O'Hara and I am a fellow SBIer in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have a question about adding Ebay to your site. I am in the process of building a site on golf. I started building it about 4 years ago.

Last year I heard about SBI and knew that I needed to move my domain so that I would have a fighting chance to make some income.

After reading the guide it became clear that there was lots of work to do. I have done so much research and looking at successful SBI sites that I believe my topic is far to broad but is still salvageable.

I have had a close look at your candy site and can see that you are using Ebay extensively. I have noticed that many people that are using Ebay have listings on their site that show the Ebay logo etc. Your site does not. I am curious how you have done such a wonderful job of this?

For example when I click on "Chocolate Covered Nuts On Ebay" I am not redirected to Ebay. It is only when I click on the individual product that I end up on the Ebay site.

I haven't signed up as an affiliate to Ebay yet either and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction in order to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for any assistance that you can pass along it will be greatly appreciated.

Sean O'Hara

Hi Sean,

I know how you feel about choosing a niche that is too broad. I went way too broad on my second site, Auto Insurance Helper.

It's a great site, but is very hard
to win traffic for because it's too competitive. I'll stick with it and I'm trying to work on some narrower angles as I have time, but I've made a lot of extra work for myself by not keeping it more specific.

Anyway, back to your question about adding eBay to your site. First let me say that I don't really make much from eBay. So my site isn't necessarily the one you want to emulate for that particular affiliate layout. :) I know there are some other SBIers that do really well with eBay, so their pattern would probably be a lot better to follow.

The way mine is laid out is just using RSS feeds. I read a TNT article on it about a year or so ago that told you step by step how to go about it. Try using FindIt and search for eBay RSS.

Basically, once you are signed up as an eBay affiliate, all you have to do is go into eBay and do an advanced search on the phrase you want to target. When the results come up, look at the bottom of the page for a little RSS box. Right click to copy the code and then take it to Feedburner and burn a feed. (It will then provide you with the code to put on your page - in a text block if you are using blockbuilder).

I hope those pointers for adding eBay to your site are helpful. Let me know if you are unable to locate the step by step instructions in the TNT article. I know it's there - it may also be in the sticky for at the top of the forum section on auctions, etc.


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