Adding Dye To Chocolate

I have a question about adding dye to chocolate...

I am making white chocolate covered pretzels and I wanted to add dye to make them orange but when I did that the chocolate got hard fast. Is there anything I can do to fix it?


Orange colored chocolate covered pretzels are a very cute idea for Halloween. Good thinking!

What are you using to try to dye the chocolate? If you use a water based food coloring, that's when you'll run into trouble. Water or moisture makes chocolate go all stiff and clumpy.

You can't really "fix" the chocolate if you've already ruined it, but you can attempt a new batch and use specific oil based food dyes or colors made for tinting chocolate. They carry these at Candyland Crafts, but you may be able to pick them up locally if you don't have time to wait for the package to arrive. :)

Wilton is a good brand, and they may have it at your local grocery store.

If you've got a camera, take some photos of your orange colored chocolate pretzels and show them off for us when you finish. You can add the photos on the Halloween recipes page.

Have fun!

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