Add Rum Or Burboun To Dark Chocolate

by Sandi

Can you add rum or bourbon to dark chocolate when melting and still have it solidify?

I would like to flavor my rice krispy bark with rum or bourbon for the holidays. Will it still solidify?

How much should I add for 1# of dark chocolate make n mold wafers?

Hi Sandi,

I'm pretty certain you can flavor the chocolate as you would like, but I think you'll do better using rum (or bourbon) flavoring rather than rum itself.

To be honest, I don't use alcohol at all myself, so I'm not really knowledgeable on it's strength. The reason I say that is because I "think" that the flavorings would be stronger than the actual liquor so that you could use less. You may know better than me about that.

As for the amount, I would suggest that you wouldn't want to use much more than a few teaspoons per pound of chocolate if you still want it to set.

Sorry if this isn't much help. Perhaps another visitor will chime in with some helpful tips.


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Mar 31, 2011
water or alcohol seize chocolate
by: DByras

If you are working with real cocoa butter product adding a water or alcohol based flavor will seize the chocolate. You can use these flavors to make a ganache like coating or filling. The seized chocolate looks like oatmeal when stirred. The only way to recover seized chocolate is to add more liquid till it smooths out, heavy cream is usually best.

Nov 06, 2010
Adding Flavors to Chocolate
by: Angie


Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sure it will be quite helpful to others!

Nov 06, 2010
extract in melted chocolate
by: millie

i tried rum extract and a tad less than 1/4 teaspoon was just perfect in 1# dark chocolate. i also tried 1/8 tsp coconut extract in 1/2# white chocolate and that was not quite enough flavor. it solidified very well! no problems at all.

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