A way to keep homemade suckers from sticking together?

by Ashley
(St. Paul)

I've been making homemade, hard-candy lollipops and need to find a way to keep the suckers from sticking to each other or the plastic bags.

I've found rubbing powdered sugar on them works great but I would like to keep them looking glossy.

Does anyone know of a trick to accomplish this or something I could purchase perhaps?


That's a good question, Ashley. I think the powdered sugar idea is probably your best bet, but I can understand you wanting to have the clear, lovely finish of the shiny hard candy.

I'm wondering if your candy is getting so sticky because you aren't boiling it hot enough. Are you boiling to 290° or 300°? You'll probably have better results if you bring the temperature all the way to 300°.

Another culprit could be humidity. Humidity tends to add to the sticky problem.

I wonder if you could just lightly coat the lollipop with a bit of vegetable oil before slipping it into the wrapping or bag to keep it from sticking? That might do the trick, but I'm not sure.

Of course, then you'd have slightly oily lollipops. :)

Has anyone else solved this dilemma and found a way to keep homemade suckers from sticking together?


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May 21, 2017
Hard candy NEW
by: Donna

I have been making hard candy for over a year, I cook to 310F take off heat, wait until the bubbles clear, then add colour, mix,add flavour,then pour into molds. I then let the candy set for about 2 hours. When I take it out, I put a little corn starch power into a large bag and shake the mold candy together,I them baged the candy into smaller bags for sale. I keep them in an air tight container until I am ready to sell, However they still stick together and I have to tap them to keep them separated,before I put them out for sale. Does anyone have an idea what I should do to keep them from sticking together?
Thanks Donna

Oct 12, 2013
Great idea re: coconut oil NEW
by: Sandra

I love your idea about using coconut oil. I tried it and it worked! So any type will do. However, some folk may be allergic to coconut oil. One thing to consider.

Jun 14, 2012
Sticky Candy NEW
by: daqueenofstuff

As a much better tasting alternative to cooking oil, I use a good quality coconut oil. Just rub a little dab on your hands and pick up the candies and roll them in your palm. It just takes a small dab to "unsticky" several pieces with just the lightest coat. It works really well with homemade gummies. They won't taste or feel oily at all.

Jun 01, 2011
How to stop sticky sweets
by: Mrs Baker

I find that rubbing them against your own belly stop s them sticking, although they can sometimes get a bit hairy. But then again, some people find it adds to the flavour.

May 11, 2009
Non-stick Suckers
by: Angie


You're brilliant! Of course the cooking oil is an excellent idea. We should have thought of it ourselves. :) I'm so glad you took the time to add your expertise! We candy addicts need to stick together (but not our suckers). Sorry, couldn't resist! :)

May 11, 2009
A way to keep homemade suckers from sticking together
by: Marcy

I have been making homemade candy and suckers for quite a while now. The best way I found to keep them from sticking together is to spray your candy molds with cooking spray, I use pam. It works great leaves a nice shine and you do not taste the oil that is on the sucker.

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