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Charmingly Chocolate, Fantastic Fudge Brownies For Fall
September 17, 2013

Fantastic Fudge Brownies For Fall

What Could Be Better?

fudge brownies recipes Do I love fudge brownies a little bit more than other types of brownies?

It's hard to really say for sure, but love them I most certainly do!

In case you haven't come across it yet, we've added a whole section on Chocolate Brownies to the website, with brownies recipes of all sorts.

You definitely need to check them out if you're a brownie lover like me. Of course, it goes without saying (but you'll notice that I'll say it anyway), we definitely want YOUR favorite brownie recipe to add to the list, so please do Hand It Over! ;)

The Flavors Of Fall - Cider, Pumpkin Pie, Brownies

fudge brownies recipesOne of the things I miss most since moving to Australia is Autumn.

I'm serious. I love this time of year in the good old USA - the colors, the scents, and the flavors. Fall is a sensory delight!

Living in the tropics of northern Australia, we don't really experience anything that even comes close. I miss it.

The changing colors of the leaves is a glorious event that really should be savored. The smell of burning leaves as they inevitably fall to the ground and the chill in the air that let's you know that winter is just around the corner all make up some of my best family memories labeled "home."

Of course, I can't leave out my favorite flavors of the season as I complete my 'Ode to Autumn.' I love hot apple cider enhanced with cinnamon sticks, homemade pumpkin pie with loads of whipped cream piled on top, and sinfully rich fudge brownies that almost make your teeth ache they are so good.

Now I've gone and made myself homesick!

Well, don't start feeling sorry for me yet. I managed to enjoy at least one of these Fall favorites this week, thanks to my young friend, Emily. She brought over a batch of her fudge brownies just loaded with chocolate bits (chips).

I couldn't stop eating them! Sixteen year old Emily produced a moist and rich fudge brownie with just the right amount of crunch. Anyone would be thrilled to sink their teeth into one of these morsels, so of course I knew you'd want the recipe to try for yourself.

Okay, no more rhapsodizing. Here's the link to Emily's chocolate chip fudge brownies recipe. Go forth and reproduce! ;)

Angie :)

Ecclesiastes 3:1 "To everything there is a season..."

I hope you enjoyed this issue of Charmingly Chocolate. If you have any feedback or comments you'd like to share with me, just reply to this zine and let me know. And don't forget to check out our new Chocolate Candy Mall Store. Buy some homemade goodies, or list your own for sale!

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