50th Birthday Card

by Connie Zakhary
(Toronto, Canada)

Homemade Card for Fiftieth Birthday

Homemade Card for Fiftieth Birthday

I made this birthday card for my good friend Claudia who just turned 50! Here's what it says...

    TODAY is your birthday! Now that you've reached the MR BIG (black out MR) 50, do you hear SNICKERS? Do your bones CRUNCH? Does the old rump feel a bit KIT KAT CHUNKY? (Black out KIT KAT) Do you act like a BUTTERFINGER? Do you shuffle like a TURTLES? (black out the S). Don't worry! You still have many RIESENS to celebrate your birthday & many GOOD & PLENTY years ahead of you. I had a hard time finding a gift for you. I thought about giving you $250,000 but nobody does that! So, I made you this card before you're too old to read or chew it. I WISH you an EXTRA special birthday you HOT TAMALES (black out the S) CHICLETS (black out the S) you! Love, your an M & M (black out the &) azing friend


Hi Connie,

I love it! Another great candy bar card idea from you. I'm so glad you started sharing your creativity with us. I hope Claudia loves it. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Don't forget to send us pics and recipes for your upcoming holiday goodies. ;)

Angie from chocolate-candy-mall.com

50th Birthday Card We Made

Here's another card idea created by Lisa R from British Columbia, Canada:

    EXTRA! EXTRA! There’s a SNICKER in the air between friends & family that the big CRUNCH is on, it's -----50th Birthday!

    ----a few things can happen when you turn 50? You will
    tend to EATMORE, SKORless, your joints can KRACKEL, lose your PEP, and your MOUNDS may sag, you may even get a little CHUNKY.

    ----, relax this is not a MIRAGE, or a DREAM, you are not on a ROCKET to the MILKY WAY, you are SET FOR LIFE.

    ----'s life is in BALANCE married to her BIG HUNK --- who is a real SWEETTART not her SUGAR DADDY. ----who is a LIVEWIRE/HIGH ENERGY and DELIGHTs in sometimes RUFFling her feathers. ----who has the LOOKs, and is ----'S LUCKY CHARM.

    ---- is a dentist who works with 2 SMARTIES, if a day is a ROCKY ROAD, she can be heard asking for the WHATCHMACALLIT. She has a staff of 19 who appreciate working for her office for their PAYDAYS.

    ---- take ADVANTAGE/TIME OUT/TAKE 5 of your age, enjoying your trips to New York to shop 5th AVENUE, listening to the SYMPHONY enjoying THRILLS AFTER EIGHT.

    So today hope you get a big PAYDAY, we may not spend 100 GRAND, but hope you get MOUNDS of GOODIES,because the NERDS who think their SMARTIES wish you a


    and a POT OF GOLD at the end of your RAINBOW.

Hey Lisa,

That's a fantastic 50th Birthday Card. You came up with some really cute and clever ideas. I hope your friend really loves it. How could she not? :~)

Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. I'm sure it will be inspirational for plenty of other people to help them come up with their own unique candy bar cards.

Angie from Chocolate Candy Mall

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