4 Things To Do With Halloween Candy

by Mandee And Brandy

Wondering what to do with Halloween Candy largesse?

Whew, are you glad it's finally over? I know that I am. I love the Halloween, but I'm always pleased to see it on it's way.

Now, the question is, what to do with the mounds of Halloween Candy we hauled in? We weighed ours, and, believe it or not, it was actually 5 lbs. worth of candy!!!!!

We didn't even get all that much compared to some of the other kids that I know. As much as the kids would love to gorge themselves until it's all gone, here are 4 ideas of things that you can do with all that candy.

  1. Call me cheap, but I go through my kid's candy on Halloween night and I pull out candy for Christmas stockings. They don't miss it and it saves me time and money. This year I removed the M&M's, smarties, suckers, large candy bars and anything else that didn't have Halloween related wrappings or pictures. Why not????

  2. Chop the chocolate candy into pieces and freeze it in freezer bags. Next time you make chocolate chip cookies, use your candy instead of chocolate chips. The kids love it. I call them "Surprise Cookies," because they never know what kind of candy they'll be getting with each bite.

  3. I am really big into food storage. My sister, Sherry, actually gave me this idea. She gives her kids 3 days to eat candy to their heart's
    content. At the end of the 3 days, separates what's left into chocolate and non-chocolate candy. She keeps 2 big "junk" buckets in her food storage. Sherry's filled these buckets by using left over Halloween candy. In an emergency, how good is it to know that you have a supply of your favorite candy bars in the food storage room???

  4. After Halloween sales are great to stock up on Sweet tarts, Nerds, Suckers, and anything you find on sale that's a great deal. I have a December birthday boy, so I use this candy for his treat bags. I also save Nerds, Dum-Dum's and Nestle, Mini Kisses, etc. and use them for Valentine's Day treats.

These days you have to save wherever you can! I hope these few ideas will help you get rid of some of the sweets!!

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Thanks Mandee and Brandy!

I really love these ideas and I think I won't be the only one. Halloween candy tends to stay with med for a long time afterward, particularly on my hips!

These great tips are both good for my hips and for my pocket book. :-) I hope you'll drop by and share more of your clever candy ideas in future - maybe elaborate more on your party favor bags next month? Grin! We can never get enough!

By the way, I think your blog is great, too.

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