250 Boxes Of English Toffee

by Lin

Help! I got asked to make 250 boxes of English toffee for Christmas gifts out of state.

It's only March and I'm panicking. How far ahead of time can I make and shrink wrap the boxes?

It's just me and I think I need to start making the toffee in September or October. Will the toffee stay fresh?

If I temper the chocolate before putting it onto the toffee and then shrink wrap it into the boxes and freeze, will it be okay? or will it bloom when it defrosts? or get sticky and be a mess once I ship?


Hi Lin,

Wow! Two hundred and fifty boxes of English toffee is a tall order! :~) As long as you have the time, it shouldn't be a problem for you.

Your toffee should keep for a few months without any difficulty if you store it properly. I would NOT recommend freezing it.

If you temper the chocolate as you plan and then package and shrink wrap the boxes after the toffee is completely cool, it should keep just fine at room temperature (provided that the room temperature is moderate, of course).

By refrigerating the chocolate you do run the risk of not only bloom, but the toffee getting sticky when you return the candy to room temperature.

You "may" be able to refrigerate it successfully, but there is no guarantee. If you have a room that maintains a stable temperature, it would be best to just box them up and leave them at room temperature for the best results.

All the best for your great big chocolate undertaking!


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Jul 27, 2012
toffee NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks! I would love to taste your toffee! Thanks for the reply. We successfully filled that order and more without freezing. However I believe chocolate can bloom in the freezer. I usually freeze miniature Snickers bars in the freezer because I like to eat them frozen and when I unwrap them the chocolate is often discolored. I'm amazed that's never happened to your frozen toffee. I will have to try freezing a piece of mine! Thanks again.

Jul 24, 2012
You'll do Great!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a small toffee candy company in Nashville, TN. I regularly make & freeze my toffee (already coated in chocolate/nuts) & packaged-- in the freezer. Toffee does well, and actually can be refroze repeatedly for up to 6 months. No sticky problems; it tastes just like I made it crisp & tasty. The chocolate will not bloom with my experience with freezing, only in the melting process. That you can read up on. Thanks, and hope this helps. I can make about easily make up to 180 boxes in about 4 hours, so maybe you can just start at the end of September, and not have to freeze at all. Toffee has a good shelf life of up to 3 months at room temp.

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