2 Colors or 2 Types of Chocolate in a Mold

by Joanne

How do you use 2 colors or 2 types of chocolate in a mold?

What is the best way to accomplish this?

For example, do I pour the white chocolate into the deep crevices first, let it harden, and then pour the dark chocolate on it?

I thought it would look nice to have the flower one color, and the background darker? Is this possible?

Hi Joanne,

Definitely use 2 colors or 2 types of chocolate in a mold. It's so nice looking that way, and it really isn't difficult at all.

You have the right idea. You want to let one layer set before adding another layer for best results.

If your molds are detailed, you may want to get a new little paint brush and use that to paint in the details. You don't have to limit yourself to 2 colors either. You can get a variety of colored melts or wafers or just get tinting colors for your white chocolate.

If you decide you just want to use the white and dark chocolate, that's fine, too. You can buy a squeeze bottle to help you do a neat job of filling in the first layer.

You don't have to buy one, though. You could always use an old ketchup or mustard bottle as long as you are sure it has been well cleaned and aired. If it has a smell still, the chocolate may absorb the smell. It does have a tendency to do that!

I hope you'll come and show off your finished molded chocolates. I'd really love to see them.

Have fun!

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