16th Birthday Card - Female

I made this 16th birthday card for my sister who was turning 16 at the time. She is really witty so coming up with something she would appreciate was a little difficult. Hopefully she will like it!

I used full sized candy bars and a foam board which worked much better than the cards I have made on regular stock paper boards before :)

I used a glue gun as well. Not sure how easy it will be for her to get them off though ;)

It reads:

    To our beautiful STARBURST Coco Bean (nickname):
    All SNICKERS aside, Cori is an amazing member of our 3 MUSKETEERS. In the whole MILKY WAY, there's no better sister. Even when she's being a GOOBER, she's an even better SMARTIE pants! Above all, she's 1 HOT TAMALE and as she turns 16, we hope she dumps those MILK DUDS & NERDS and finds that EXTRA (gum) special guy or better yet, ROLO single for awhile. We love you to PIECES (reeses pieces) Auntie Coco!
    Hugs and KISSES (actual kisses glued to board)

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Sep 03, 2011
16th Birthday Card - Female
by: Angie

Thanks for adding your clever birthday card for your sister. You did a great job!

I'd especially like to say thanks for the idea of using the foam board instead of the usual poster board.

I just had one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. :~) It's definitely a better idea, although I do realize that will cost a bit more.

When you are using full-sized candy bars, as I usually do, the weight of the candy on the poster board is really unmanageable.

I'm about to show my age. When I started making these candy bar cards, I don't think you could even buy the foam board! :) Thank goodness for progress!

Your sister shouldn't have any trouble removing the candy. Hot glue guns are a great option because once the glue dries it is pretty easy to remove the candy.

Your sister might want to carefully remove the candy from the wrapper (leaving the wrapper attached to the board) so she can hang on to it for a while. It's kind of like having your cake and eating it too. :)

Thanks again for showing off your terrific 16th Birthday candy bar card! Love it!

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